Where Do You Find The Right Pool Pump For Your Home?

Many homeowners and pool builders are interested in the most advanced equipment for their pools. They usually look for pumps and heaters that are effective, easy to operate and fairly inexpensive. This is why they have to make a close comparison of the best models on the market before making a purchase.

If you need a pump for your pool, you should take a look at My Pool Guide, as they’ve just published a comprehensive review of the Pentair Intelliflo 011018 Pool Pump. This in-depth review includes everything you need to know about this piece of equipment. It explains you how this variable speed pump can slash your electricity bills, thanks to the freedom of choosing its running speed. You’ll also find out how noisy this pump is. This is very important, as nobody wants to relax in a noisy pool, so you should avoid equipment that’s too loud.

This mypoolguide.com review makes it very clear that the high quality casing is designed to stop insects from nesting inside the pump. This is one of the biggest issues of pool owners, so you should make sure you buy a pump that prevents those bugs from getting inside the equipment. If they do your pump will not start and it can be damaged for good. That will set you back hundreds in parts and maintenance.

In addition, this review makes it clear if you can use your existing pipes and electrics with your new Pentair pump. This advice alone can save you a lot of money and time. Besides, installing the new pump is going to be much easier, since it’s going to fit the pipes and the electrical wiring you already have on site. Nonetheless, there are cases in which the old systems don’t fit. This is why you have to check with a specialist whether your old installation is compatible with this type of pump.

The above mentioned website gives you the names of some of the best contractors you could order your pump from. These suppliers employ knowledgeable technicians who are able to come to you, in order to make a preliminary assessment of your existing install. They are going to give you a price quotation for the work needed, so that you can calculate your total pump installation costs.

Once you’ve found this review, you won’t need any other piece of information to make up your mind. You can go ahead and contact any of the contractors, in order to discuss cost-related details and other similar issues.