Wearable Home Automation – Unveiling The Control4 Technology

The demand for smart wearable devices cannot be underestimated and whether this is due to the remarkable fashion statement they make on the wearer or simply for their functionality, what remains true is that we are likely to see nothing but a further increase in preference for these gadgets. Statistics by Forbes intimates that we could be looking at about 245 million wearable devices to be shipped in 2019 and if that is coupled with the increasing interest in smart homes, that is bound to up the stakes as regards how we interact with our homes. In this article, we shall discuss the relationship between a Smart Home in relation to a Smart Watch in a bid to informing you how certain little gadgets can add a ton of experience to your simple life.

What Do You Get?

Let us now discuss what you will get in a seamless blend of the Cotrol4 home and the Apple Watch. To begin easy, this blend of smarts offers to improve both the status and the level of interaction with your home as the app presents all the comfort features any modern home owner would be looking for. The goal of developing this app was to make the most common interactions between a homeowner and their home not only possible but convenient as well.

Key Features At A Glance

The following are some of the key benefits offered by this home automation technology.

>A single-button control of some of your most popular shortcuts and scenes, both for mood setting as well as making a quick change.

>With its media, you are able to determine the audio or video playing in each room and manipulate the effects to your desire, such as adding the volume, turning the systems on and off, and many more.

>The thermostats enable you to adjust the temperature of the house accordingly.

>The lighting features allow you to customize the lighting effects for individual rooms within the house.

>The remote or local allows you to control the home from the comfort of your couch as well as enabling you to use your watch while you are away from home.

>Now, this is the real killer – with its security specs, you can check the status of you locks where you can get to lock or unlock doors, gates and even garage doors.


With the Control4 on the Apple Watch, there is just no limit to what homeowners can achieve. All our dreams of a secure, comfortable and climate-controlled homes is not only assured, but all these come with the least expense of time and effort. If you want to get started with wearable smart technology, call one of the top home automation companies Jacksonville.