The Top Three Space Saving Beds

As apartments get smaller the need for creating more space become a necessity. There are many ways to save space in and around the house and one of the best ways to do this is to invest in a space-saving bed. There are many options available to those who want to save space in their bedrooms. Here are the top three space saving beds available.

Bunk Beds
These are a great childhood classic parents around the world have made use of these beds for many years. Not only are they comfortable but they are a great way for parents to save a little extra space in kids rooms. Today bunk beds have come a long way from what parents of yesteryears have come to know. No longer are these beds big and bulky with dangerous parts. Today’s bunk beds are sleek in design and are just a practical as they are stylish. I recently bought a great bunk bed at Mattress Time.

The advancements in technology have allowed for the bunk beds of today to take up far less space than they used to. In addition, many bunk beds can be used as extra storage spaces. They are available in sofa bunk beds too, which means that you are now also able to turn the existing bunk bed into an extra space to seat guests.

Sofa Beds
Sofa beds are a great way to free up a little extra space in your house. They are widely used around the world in many apartments or smaller houses. As with bunk beds, today’s sofa beds are available in a wide variety of stylish designs. Gone are the days when sofa beds are bulky and unsightly, today they are available in a number of finishes to suit almost any house or apartment.

In their design, sofa beds offer users duel purposes. They can be used as a beautiful sofa by day while at night they can be easily unfolded to convert into a luxurious bed. These are not only great for the occasional overnight guest but they can be used to accommodate more regular sleepover guests all while remaining stylish.

Ottoman Beds
These are wonderful to have in any home. They are also available in a number of finishes. This allows you to have the freedom to decorate your home whichever way you see fit. Ottoman Beds are designed to lift off their base to allow you to store away goods or blankets while they are not in use. Ottoman Beds are also great for keeping seasonal clothing. This means you no longer have to find space in your cupboard for those bulky winter jackets.

Many of the latest Ottoman Beds also allow for easy lifting and come complete with lifting assistors such as hydraulics. This makes storing away your additional items much easier. You will also find that while they might not be the cheapest solution for storage, Ottoman Beds are by far one of the best options.

Whatever your storage needs are, you are sure to find the right storage bed to suit your needs.