Swimming Pools Demand Proper Attention

You might normally think of a swimming pool as being a place of leisure. You would think if someone owned one that they would look like the glorious deep blue incarnations you see on Instagram, Pinterest or Design Si. But behind the scenes private pools are serious work. They soon can descend into a place of great woes. Woes definitely being the plural, as not only can they look unseemly but that can quickly turn into an algae polluted mess that can cause infection outbreaks on anyone unfortunate enough to dip in for a splash.

Very often a pool can get out of control just through mindful neglect. Even if a pool looks alright to the eye it can be the source of many an infection that can cause agonizing irritations, ear and throat pain, diarrhoea or vomiting bugs that might not always show up right away but several hours or days after someone uses the pool.

Get this stat- the USCPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) annual report declared that approx. 50 000 people were treated in hospital in 2006 due to swimming pool incidents. Im sure that figure has risen somewhat as swimming pool ownership has exploded since then especially with the launch of above ground pools being so affordable.

Yes they are more affordable but above ground pools need the exact same care as inground pools. This includes having a pump and filter operating all day. Using chlorine and salts to sanitize the pool and using a pool cleaner- either manual or automatic to clean the pool.

Many of what I only call lunatics buy an above ground pool and never clean it or use any form of sanitization to kill off any contaminants. Its not a matter of if your pool will get full of bacteria its – when. Basically as soon as people start using the pool bacteria will spread.

Its not the things you can see like: grass, leaves dirt and cloudy water you need to be aware of, its the things you cant. Its an absolute must that you get a water testing kit no matter even if you buy a cheap pool you only intend to use every now and again from Home Depot. A testing kit will tell you the Ph balance of your water and whether you need to add chlorine or salt to it to base out the water so it is safe to swim in.

Something that is supposed to be fun in the short term can result in serious and even long term illnesses if the proper care is not taken in the preventative form. As always be safe, not sorry.