Simple And Easy Wall Decorating And Storage Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Wall decorations can really add life to a kid’s room. Here are some simple and easy wall decorating tips and ideas for children’s rooms.

Decorating a childs room is always fun and interesting. There are many things to play with and colours to use. Walls, especially, can add real character and life to kids room. Here are some simple and easy wall decorating tips and ideas to liven up kids bedrooms.

Group Collections for Decorating Walls

Every child has collections of toys, cards, pictures, dolls, stuffed toys or anything else that can easily be grouped and displayed artistically on walls. Decide on a collection to display and then either hang them directly on the walls or use shelving or frames to hold them together. For instance, collection of cards or postcards can be framed while stuffed toys or dolls can be put in shelves. If your child has too many toys to keep the room tidy, consider a bed with storage. You can find divan beds for extra storage at a good price if you buy online.

Multi-purpose Wall Décor for Kids Rooms

Since a kids room often serves more than one purpose, it is a good idea to choose wall décor that not only looks pretty but can be useful as well. In other words, use bulletin boards, blackboard paint and magnetic surfaces to decorate walls. These will add color and life to the room while also doubling up as surfaces for scribbling, drawing and displaying items. Toddlers and preschoolers, especially, will enjoy having blackboard and magnetic surfaces to color and play on.

Decorating Walls with Decals

Wall stickers are an easy and cheap way to decorate walls. Simply choose stickers that are in line with the rooms theme and then, peel and apply. Tweens and teenagers, especially, will enjoy the whole process of selecting decals and then deciding where to put them. Moreover, these wall décor items are easy to replace and change as and when needed.

Use Paint to Decorate Walls

Paint is a great way to decorate walls in kids rooms. Use stencils to paint fun shapes and characters from favorite movies or books, or simply have interesting murals that liven up the room. Another great idea is to have children decorate a part of the wall with hand imprints or stencil the names and paint them. Painting walls in childrens rooms is probably the easiest and simplest way of decorating.

More Wall Decorating Tips for Kids Rooms

While wall decorating options of kids rooms are endless, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

-Keep wall decorations simple and fuss-free. It will make cleaning and general maintenance easy.
-Use child-friendly wall decorations that are free of sharp edges, small parts or other such hazards.

If the room has a theme, try to follow it through in the wall decorations. Princess-themed rooms can have a crown painted over the headboard of the bed and pale pink stars or tiaras painted on the walls. Superhero-themed rooms can have framed collections of superhero comics or even, a costume or two.

Even for rooms that dont have a theme, stick with colors and items that a child relates to and enjoys.

Decorating walls in kids rooms are indeed, a fun activity. Involve children in the decorating process. Even toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy being able to pick out colors or décor items. Since childrens tastes and preferences are fickle, do use budget-friendly decorating options. Use these simple ideas for decorating walls with paint, pictures, and decals and add life and character to a childs bedroom.