Pillow Top Mattress Pads Buying Guide

A mattress topper is the best way to give individuals that additional layer of cushioning and comfort that is needed during sleep. Furthermore mattress pads offer extra protection and durability to the mattress, not to mention that extra feeling of luxury such a pad gives for the bed. It is really important to invest in a good quality mattress topper, as this will protect the mattress from moisture, dirt, spill over and it is great for families with children and pets.

Individuals who prefer to sleep on softer surfaces will find the pillow top mattress pads a godsend. Reason is because these pads have additional thicker layers than those of the standard mattress pads. Also included are the extra benefits for people’s health, such as relieving pressure points and helping improve blood flow for the body during sleep. People who suffer from back pain will have an additional benefit from such a pillow top mattress as this will get rid of any muscle pains that usually a normal mattress pad gives after being too long in bed.

Types of Mattress Pads You Can Buy

Over the years, mattress pads have been made in many varieties, as manufactureurs realised the diverse needs for health reasons, joint support and of course comfort and luxury. For this reason, you will find tops available in several thicknesses, which allows customers to choose the firmnrss they prefer. For a soft surface, a thick mattress pad with several layers is best, ideally in the range of 3-4 inches thick, while for a firmer sleeping surface, opt for a thinner mattress – usually between 1-2 inches in thickness. I found a lovely thick one at Cheap Upholstered Beds in Leeds.

You will find pads in whole range of materials, including wool, cotton and even memory foam. Wool is an popular material as it offers resistance to moisture and also provides warmth and extra comfort.

Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress Pad

As already mentioned above, there are several benefits for owning a top mattress pad, among others, additional comfort, increased health, luxurious feel, alleviated back pain. However it is also important to remember that a mattress pad, just as a latex mattress topper, also increases the shelf life of a mattress, because most of these pads are sitting on top of the mattress, which offers it additional protection from all elements (including children and pets). This means that instead of buying a new and expensive mattress, for only the cost of a mattress pad, families get to keep their existing mattresses for still many years to come.

There have been often reports of people getting finally a good night sleep after years of sleeping on the wrong type of mattress (either too soft, or too hard for their comfort level), only because they added a pillow top mattress pad on top of their mattress.