Home Renovations After Water Damage

Total Home Services specializes in water damage remediation, mold remediation and asbestos removal. In many cases a homeowner will call with a water damage problem and at the time of this repair they will review other renovations that may enhance their home. You will find some of the most common Port Coquitlam Home Renovations renovation considerations below.

Bathroom Renovations A Good Place to Start

# 1: Changing the Bathroom

Usually one of the first rooms people like to tackle is the main bathroom. Many people choose to change the shower or bath tub simply because it has become dated over the years, and may also be showing signs of water damage.

The most common signs of water damage in the bathroom are damage from broken pipes or water ingress behind the shower walls. The bathroom is also a good place to start as it is a great enhancement without making major changes to the rest of the house.

# 2: Adding Storage is A good Idea

One way of updating a bedroom is to add modern storage units in the closets. There are companies that specialize in organization and have lots of good ideas in storage through out the house. Calling in a professional redesigning company could very well be a good idea. Usually these modifications are not overly expensive and they do add comfort to the rooms and they take away the clutter of old style closets.

# 3: Giving the Kitchen a New Look

One of the most popular items on the list when a property owners decides to renovate their house is the kitchen area. There are a huge number of ways a kitchen can be given a new look. The key place to start with kitchens is to plan out a budget, determine what you would like to see done and list out the things you think you can do yourself.

Some of the most common changes to the kitchen, without gutting it, include having the floor re-tiled, making additional storage space, re-facing cabinets, new hardware and new home appliances. A dish washer and waste disposal can be included if you do not have them now.

The kitchen is one of those rooms that can receive a face lift or a substantial renovation. Either of these approaches will satisfy the need to completely modernize the kitchen. Additional features in the kitchen could include new windows and skylights, but remember the budget, and stick to your original plans. It is sometimes too easy to get carried away, forget the budget and maybe regret it later.

It is really a good idea to determine what changes you would like in each room, and then do the budget and revisit your plans if you have to. Call in Total Home Services and you will find they will help you plan and even suggest some things that you can do on your own to save some cost.