Are Microfiber Mops More Effective Than Traditional Mops?

A clean and safe home is any homeowners top priority. Keeping your home clean decreases the risk of acquiring diseases caused by germs. Germs are found everywhere. They can easily multiply on dirty floors in which if not removed can easily make people sick. Floors are considered high traffic and prone areas in your home, as this is where germs can easily build up.

To make sure that floors are clean, it is advised to use microfibers mops. What makes microfiber mops different from traditional mops? Microfiber mops are not like your traditional string-cotton mops. Microfiber mops use a pad to clean surfaces and areas that are hard to reach. The material is made up of microfibers that are far thinner than your hair. When combined on a large scale, the microfibers can be more absorbent compared to cotton. A microfiber mop has a natural static charge that can attract particles that will cling to the pad.

Advantages of microfiber mops – Cleaning industries and homeowners and property owners have been shifting from using traditional mops to microfiber mops because of their benefits.
Microfiber mops do not leave a residue of dirt. It can absorb water effectively and can collect everything on the floor. It can save you time because you do not have to go over the same area again.

Microfiber mops can easily be maneuvered as well. The pads installed in the microfiber mops can swivel which makes it easier to turn and this can make cleaning nooks and tiny spaces very easy especially when compared to a regular cotton mop. Microfiber mops are lighter and do not require a lot of effort in mopping or scrubbing the floor. Wiping the floor is much easier, and you dont expose your back to too much strain as well. In fact, none at all because the handle is adjustable.

It is best for laminate floors. Wiping the laminated floors with too much water can deteriorate the floor. Using microfiber mops is a better option because it does not require too much water.
Microfiber mop pads are eco-friendly. The pads can be reused many times, unlike the traditional mops which can easily get filthy. You can easily clean the pads by popping them into the washing machine.

Microfiber mops versatile, as they are perfect for dry and wet mopping. They are great in liquid absorption and are effective in collecting dust and particles on dry floors. Using microfiber mops offers better results than using traditional mops. You can easily prevent the spread of germs and you can save time when cleaning your home. In choosing microfiber mops, choose the one that will fit your budget and needs. One can find such a mop here on