4 Things To Note When Choosing A Bunk Bed

Many families are looking for ways to transform their home, which is why they are turning to space-saving and home improvement techniques that are very comfortable. That way, they wont need to go searching for a new apartment because of space. Loft and bunk beds provide one with good space, especially in the childrens room. Sadly, there are no universal standards to look out for when shopping for bunk beds leaving the quality and safety decision at buyers discretion.

When bunk and loft beds are used in a bedroom, they create more space. It is also a good option for siblings sharing the same room or when having a sleepover. Loft beds are great for single kids in a small room. By adding some essentials to the loft bed such as drawers, desks, cabinets, and trundles into the bed design, there may be no need for any other furniture in the room. Here you can find cheap beds with mattresses.

Although loft and bunk beds have a typical design, they can still be customized. Some manufacturers offer themed options such as princess castles and camouflage tents, or a variety of wood finishes.
Here are things you should consider before investing in a loft or bunk bed:

Method of construction

Its important to consider how the bunk bed was constructed bearing in mind that kids will jump off, jump on and hang from the bed. It, therefore, means that the bunk bed ought to be a sturdy one that can withstand such pressure while providing security for the kids even after many uses.

Experts warn against metal bunk beds because of safety issues like their tendency to wobble, bend and dent due to weak joints as the years pass by. While you may save money with metal bunk beds, it may not be a good investment in the long run. This is not to say that wood bunk beds do not have their own issues. Just consider the weight as heavy wood beds are often sturdy and safer. Also look for those with ample support braces to protect the bed joints.


You should check the functionality of the bed because children tend to grow quickly. So check if the bunk bed can serve your growing children through their preteen years into their teenage years. You can decide to go with full-sized mattress; the bunk bed will be able to see them through childhood into teenage years. You should also consider the height of the bed so that children can sit in the bottom bunk. Choosing a simple design will allow them to use the bed for a longer time instead of doll-like beds that will require changing as they grow.

Product recalls

Do your homework on any bed you want to buy before making a purchase. Bunk beds do not get much product recalls, however, its safer to check if the manufacturer has received a lot of recalls before parting with your money.

Cost of shipping

Most manufacturers and retailers are moving their goods online since this is what consumers prefer. Nevertheless, shipping fee can cost a fortune if you are not careful. Always check a dealers shipping policy and choose free shipping where available.