The Different Benefits To Hiring Security For Parties

A house party can be a highly exciting and enjoyable event, even those ‘house parties’ that are actually children’s birthday parties. Of course, while parties are tons of fun for guests and organizers there is the issue of logistics to consider beforehand to ensure the event continues without any negative situations. One of the logistical aspects that many people do not consider, and is not typically needed at children’s parties, is the case of security.

It is often seen at house parties for college goers, young adults, and even teenagers, that the idea of security is ignored or neglected with friends being used as the “security guard”. This can be beneficial if the friend chooses to take their responsibility seriously; however, not all of these individuals do, and security is often quite lax. In these situations, it is highly recommended one opt for a security service when organizing house parties. This article will provide information on the various benefits to hiring security for parties.

1. Adhering To The RSVP List

While the majority of college house parties are ‘open-house’ allowing people to walk into the party without having been invited, the rise in violent altercations at house parties has increased the need for a set RSVP list. Inebriated guests are prone to acting in “stupid” ways which can have negative consequences; therefore, having a guest list will ensure that the individual is surrounded by people they trust, or at least one guest knows and trusts.

When hiring a security guard to protect the door, you will be placing a barrier between the entrance and the party, so it says. The guard will have access to the invitation list and can ensure that only invited guests can gain entry; think of a bouncer at a private club who only lets people on the list enter. This is highly beneficial as it will protect the partygoers and eliminate the chance of potential party-crashers entering.

2. Deterrents To Trouble-Makers

Studies have shown that security guards are effective visual deterrents to trouble-makers who are attempting to enter parties they have not been invited to. This is due to the psychological association of security guards with authority of power and protection. By placing a security guard at the door, one will be able to prevent any negative situations from potentially occurring and can increase the partygoers’ sense of security.

3. Identifying Younger Guests

The majority of house parties typically serve alcohol, and there may be situations where the party guests will be of mixed ages with underage individuals being on the RSVP list. In these cases, it would be beneficial to provide younger guests with wrist bands to allow identification of those who cannot drink alcohol under the legal ruling. A security guard will be able to supply the guests with these bands by asking for identification at the door and placing the band on their wrists. Furthermore, a guard placed indoors can monitor those with the bands and supervise their legal activities.