Mistakes To Avoid When Organizing A Walk-in Closet

It is great to have a walk-in closet since it means you will have plenty of space for your things, but it also means that it is easy for things to become disorganized. If you wish to maximize the space and find a place for everything, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

DO make it a point to donate old clothes that you no longer wear. One of the most common reasons people cannot find the perfect place for all of their items is because many of them are not supposed to be there. What do you plan on doing with all of the clothes that you know you will no longer wear anymore? Donating them will free up space and it is more useful than holding on to them for dear life.

DON’T forget to use the corners. Most people think of the corners of the closet as wasted space, but you can do a lot with it. Consider buying a small shelf unit or install a few hanging racks in the corner. This will help you get the most out of a space that is usually wasted. If you need professional help, call a professional closet organizer.

DO buy some shelves for your shoes. Having errant shoes on every inch of your closet can make the entire area look like a war zone. Consider installing some shelves if you want to keep all of your shoes out of the way. This is especially helpful if you are one of those people who have a ton of shoes. Otherwise, a basic shoe rack may be all you need.

DON’T throw away all of your shoe boxes. Even if you don’t plan to keep all of those boxes for shoes, they can be given a new purpose. For example, small accessories can find a wonderful home inside one of these boxes. You should label each box accordingly so you only have to move the one you want when something is needed. Otherwise, you may end up tearing everything out and making your closet a colossal mess.

The point of a walk-in closet is to have the perfect amount of space for all of your things. With that said, the roominess can sometimes lead to more items being crammed in there than it should be. If you want to create an uncluttered space for all of your things, make sure that you try one or more of these ideas. Closet Wizards can help with the design and installation of any closet organization system you could need.