Luxury Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

Have a tiny lawn? Just because you don’t have a lot of space should deter you from creating a terrific looking landscape design! Here are some landscaping ideas for small lawns to get started!

Usage Potted Plants

If you wish to add more plants to your small lawn but don’t have the area for complex landscaping, usage potted plants instead! You can place them along the side of your home, a fence, a pathway, or perhaps hang them. Experiment with different type of plants and pot sizes to make the area your own.

Go Vertical with Plants

When landscaping a small backyard, it’s important to make the most of vertical areas. Planting flowers and other greenery on the fence can open up the ground area and leave room for seating or other yard features. Plus, vertical planters make a good do it yourself job!

Plant Some Trees

If you believe there’s insufficient space in your yard to plant trees, think again! Trees can be great for little backyard landscaping, particularly ornamental or dwarf species of trees. Attempt a Prairifire Crabapple or Royal Star Magnolia to add a lovely accent to your backyard’s landscape!

Keep It Low-Maintenance with Turf

Having a low-maintenance lawn is incredibly hassle-free and can even help you improve your home’s value! One method to make sure that your landscape will require minimal care is by using artificial grass in your backyard rather than lawn.

Skip the Grass Altogether

Do you reside in an area that does not get a great deal of rain? When looking at little landscaping concepts, consider xeriscaping so you can prevent needing to maintain a turf yard! Replacing lawn with concrete, wood, or stone will keep your landscape looking streamlined and makes maintenance much easier. And there are a lot of methods you can still add pops of greenery, such as succulent gardens, hedges, and potted plants!

Integrate a Variety of Textures

Utilizing various textures in little yard landscaping is a genius idea! Not only does it create visual depth, which can help make your little backyard appear larger, but it likewise enables you to have fun with a wide variety of landscape styles throughout your backyard. Mix and match grass, gravel, mulch, and other plant to separate the space and develop a unique outdoor space!

Make the most of the Side Yard

One typically neglected space in small yard landscaping is the side yard. But even if it’s not as noticeable as your front yard that doesn’t mean its not worth some attention. Planting flowers along the side of your home, edging existing plants, or creating a path are all great ideas for landscaping your side lawn!

Put down a Stone Path

Searching for ideas for landscaping your little yard? Think about constructing a stone pathway! Paths and pathways are stunning, and you can use them to highlight a few of your preferred aspects in your landscape. Not only that, however stone surfaces are often anti-slip, making it more secure to walk about the backyard.

Edge Around Plants

Keep your backyard looking excellent with edging! Of course, a clean-looking yard isn’t the only reason to include edging. Edging gives your yard that pop! It makes the pathways and landscape lighting more noticeable.

Set Up a Small Patio

If you want a little landscape that’s simple to care for, consider installing a patio that takes up most of your lawn area. Whether you choose a simple paver patio with concrete or a block pattern outdoor patio utilizing stone or bricks, you can develop a DIY little outdoor patio that enables you to enjoy your lawn!

Try a Sunken Patio

Believing a traditional outdoor patio isn’t your best option for landscaping a little lawn? Choose a sunken patio area rather! A sunken patio can produce visual depth in your total landscape design, giving your yard a larger than it is feeling. In addition, you can add plants and shrubs around it to provide it with a more private feel!

Construct a Fire Pit

Desire a basic method to add flair to your little yard? Integrate a small fire pit! This landscape aspect includes a source of light and warmth to your backyard area and can generally be used year-round. Not to mention, fire pits can be tailored to your landscape and distinct outdoor living space needs!

Add a Water Feature

You don’t require a substantial yard to add a water feature into your landscape style! The best part about a water feature – whether it’s a wall water fountain, waterfall, or perhaps a small pond – is that you can develop them in your front, side, or yard as big (or as small) as you like!

Select a Plunge Pool

You may believe having a small backyard indicates you can take pleasure in the luxury of a backyard pool. That’s not real! Plunge pools are little, rectangular landscape features that will not overtake your whole yard, which indicates they can quickly be integrated with an existing patio, deck, or outdoor living space!

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