Great Ideas For Window Coverings

Window coverings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, and can really change the tone of the room that you use them in. In fact, if you feel like your home is in need of remodelling, but you can’t afford to change things too much, simply changing up the window covering could be a high impact, low cost way to spruce up the rest of the room. Here are a few great ideas for window coverings, that could help you to get the new look you’re aiming for.

Window coverings can include:

Drapes Shades Interior shutters Roman blinds Curtains Vertical blinds Plantation Shutters Voiles

Window Coverings the type of covering you will choose

The type of covering you choose will depend on the size of the room and its purpose. Voiles, for example, are lovely to look at, but not effective at blocking out light, so you probably wouldn’t want them in a bedroom, since you wouldn’t be able to sleep very well at night with the amount of light that they let in. Plantation shuttters, on the other hand, may be too imposing for bigger rooms. It’s a balancing act, and something that you might want to play around with in a 3D home design program.

Here’s a few ideas:

Clever Curtains

Curtains don’t have to be plain colored, heavy, blocky things. You can get bright and airy curtains with cute patterns on them, curtains with lacy borders and upper valances, and curtains that tie back with cute bows to frame the windows quite nicely while they’re open. The curtains you choose don’t have to cover the window alone, either – they can be paired with a net or a voile behind them to produce a nice frame, and something that will continue to filter the light even when the main curtains are open.

Brilliant Blinds

Roman blinds, roller blinds, slatted blinds, the choice is yours – you can find blinds in a range of colours, patterns, thicknesses and textures to suit any room. From clean, understated blinds that look ‘barely there’, natural bamboo shades that create a soft and stylish look, or the almost clinical and serious look that you may have become accustomed to if you work in an office, you can find blinds that will make any statement that you wish. Measure them carefully though – if your blinds don’t quite fit your window then you’ll find that they seriously detract from the look of the room.

Super Window Coverings – Shutters

Shutters are a nice option for people who want something a little different – yes, you can use shutters as an interior window treatment! Plantation style shutters look great, and they can give your room a natural and rustic feeling. They don’t have to cost a fortune either, and once they’re fitted they are easy to clean and take minimal maintenance – they just wipe down, unlike other fabric based window treatments that might take a bit more cleaning as they gather dust.

Shutters are quite imposing, though, and will ‘take over’ the tone of the room, so you’ll need to plan the rest of the decor around them to make sure that they don’t become an unplanned focal point. Of course, if you have a lovely garden, then the window, and shutters, could be nice to look at!

As you can see, there are so many different kinds of window coverings and treatments to choose from. There’s no need to stick to simple, straight curtains on a white plastic roller, as your parents may have had decades ago. These days, it’s easy to express your sense of style, and enjoy amazing looking window coverings without breaking the bank.