Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Your Great Cleaning Solution!

Who hates doing household chores? Both men and women do! It is not easy cleaning up the house especially when pets are around. A lot more people are adopting pets nowadays, and most of them dont know how to put up in cleaning. Introducing some of the best innovation in dirt cleaning, the Dyson vacuums.

Compared to the other vacuum cleaners, the Dyson vacuum cleaner has motorized brushes along the bar to remove pet hairs and dirt from the carpet and hard floors. It also has small turbine head that helps in cleaning confined places as in the case of the insides of automobiles. It also has long retractable cylinder for those hard to reach areas in your house.This is a perfect addition for off grid living

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

In this section, we will introduce some of the popular vacuum models that proven can help you in your daily cleaning needs. Those models are come from canister, upright as well as lightweight cleaners.

– Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister vacuum

This Dyson canister vacuum has a very unique Radial Cyclones technology to remove more allergens and dirt from your home. It has carbon fiber turbine floor tool to guarantees provide excellent dirt removal on various floor types. The Ball technology is a great innovation of the manufacturers of this kind of cleaning equipment. Moreover, the use of the HEPA filter and centrifugal force in this machine provides the separation of air against dust, thus being called as Certified asthma and allergy friendly vacuum machine.

– Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum
This latest upright vacuum machine is almost be perfect to most pet owners and pet-free home, in fact it is designed for home with pets. There are some great features you can enjoys like self-adjusting cleaner head; Radial Root Cyclone technology to captures more dusts; hygienic bin emptying as well as instant release wand to let you do above floor cleaning as well as under furnitures. The machine use HEPA filtration and also a cerfified asthma friendly with 5 year warranty (parts and labor).

– Dyson V7 Animal/Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum
This is another powerful suction vacuum. The main different is that this is cordless so people always concern about the battery run time and I can tell you that for normal use it can last for about 30 minutes. Lightweight and versatility is the selling point and you can quickly transform the vacuum to a handheld vacuum. The device also equipped with several tool that definitely can help you ease the cleaning tasks.


If you want to be rest assured that you will do a superior cleaning performance with a vacuum machine, look no further, for the Dyson vacuum is the answer to your cleaning needs!

Some people complaint that the Dyson cleaners are more expensive but the quality count! Some more the Dyson cleaners also come with unbeatable 5 years warranty to secure your purchase.

Anyway, the above are some of the most popular and reliable vacuum models that you can get if you are looking for Dyson machine. Of course there are some other types like Dyson handheld vacuums also very reliable.