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What Is Defensible Space Against Wildfire

One such business in California is Riverside Tree Service. This business is family owned and has more than 25 years experience caring for the natural landscape of neighborhoods in Riverside, CA. Assistance for Low Income Seniors for Defensible Space Assistance

A program for low income seniors and physically disabled persons was created to provide financial assistance to adhere to the state mandate of defensible space around their homes in San Diego, California. The Defensible Space Assistance Program (DSAP) services provide: - Brush and tree trimming/thining - Raking of dead leaves and pine needles - Chipping of removed vegetation. Chips are left onsite - On-site education about effective defensible space - Initial one-day defensible space clean up - Performed by professional contractors, who are bonded and insured To qualify for the program: - persons must be over 65 yrs of age or have a medical physical disability making it impossible for them to do the clean up work themselves; - they must be deemed financially unable to hire a contractor: *One-person household with an income less than $2,842 per month or $38,950 annually *Two-person household must have an income less than $3,246 per month or $38,950 annually