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The Top Three Space Saving Beds

Today bunk beds have come a long way from what parents of yesteryears have come to know. No longer are these beds big and bulky with dangerous parts. Today's bunk beds are sleek in design and are just a practical as they are stylish. I recently bought a great bunk bed at Mattress Time.

The advancements in technology have allowed for the bunk beds of today to take up far less space than they used to. In addition, many bunk beds can be used as extra storage spaces. They are available in sofa bunk beds too, which means that you are now also able to turn the existing bunk bed into an extra space to seat guests.…

4 Things To Note When Choosing A Bunk Bed

When bunk and loft beds are used in a bedroom, they create more space. It is also a good option for siblings sharing the same room or when having a sleepover. Loft beds are great for single kids in a small room. By adding some essentials to the loft bed such as drawers, desks, cabinets, and trundles into the bed design, there may be no need for any other furniture in the room. Here you can find cheap beds with mattresses.

Although loft and bunk beds have a typical design, they can still be customized. Some manufacturers offer themed options such as princess castles and camouflage tents, or a variety of wood finishes.…